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Non-surgical facelift


Popular with patients.

Depends on the situation, it can be achieved with a special technique using fillers (starting from 1 ml) or, more often, combination.

Surgical facelift is effective, but involves risks like general anaesthetic, long rehabilitation and downtime. A lot of people’s lifestyle require constantly being active and can only have minimal or no downtime.

Beauty of cosmetic medicine that similar facelift can be achieved with regular non-surgical procedures like fillers, targeted muscle relaxant, mesotherapy and threads. The process will be not as fast, but without many risks or downtime.

Before and immediately after

Before and immediately after

  1. filler 2ml
  2. dr Miller peeling

Non-surgical facelift with fillers

   Before and immediately after. Refreshed with fillers. Results last 8-14 months.

Before and after. Looking less tired with fillers

Individually tailored treatment

1. Dr Miller peeling

2. Filler – micro threads technique, 2ml



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