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Full health check up

Comprehensive, premium health check up utilizing principles of best practices in medicine.


What is included?

Doctor will assess your individual situation and create best plan for investigations and risks.

Approximate outline of level of comprehensiveness as following:

1st step (in office):

  • Blood pressure
  • Body Composition
  • Lung function (Spirometry)
  • Urine investigation
  • Vision (long/short term, color)
  • Full skin check up (Digital Dermatoscope assisted)
  • Fitness, flexibility and stress
  • Psychological health
  • Pap test (female)
  • Incontinence screen (female)
  • Family history risk screening
  • Sexual health

2nd step (at your convenient location):

  • ECG
  • Coronary calcium Score Test, if indicated
  • Audimetry, if indicated
  • Stress Echocardiogramm
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Pelvic ultrasound
  • Breast cancer screening (female)
  • Prostate cancer screening (male)
  • Bone density, if indicated


  • Full blood count
  • Liver Function Test
  • Kidney Function test
  • Cholesterol and other lipids (including LDL and HDL)
  • Blood glucose test
  • Bowel screen
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Iron and nutrition storage
  • Silent chronic infections screening
  • Panel of biochemical tests

3rd step (consultation with Dr Miller):

  • Risk calculations and assessments, including
  • absolute cardiovascular risk
  • kidney disease risk
  • type 2 Diabetes risk
  • Personal Management plan, including

–  nutrition and diet recommendations

–  focused psychological strategies to cope with stressors

–  nutritional supplements and prescription medications, as required

–  appropriate referrals to specialists and allied health practitioners, as required

– physical activity requirements

–  immunisation (vaccinations) program


What are costs?


Initial doctor’ consultation Anamnesis, vital, physical and anthropometric indicators (heart rate, blood pressure; auscultation of lungs and heart; weight, height, fat folds, BMI, body composition, urinalysis, spirometry, skin check, psychological health assessment). Summary of all the test and examination results, patient consultation, recommendations. Up to 1 hour $420
Follow up visits Review of results, discussion of findings, plan, lifestyle modifications, referrals. Up to 40 min Bilk billed, if medicare eligible

*Rarely, but some tests may be not Medicare eligible and patient may need to pay. Lab and Image companies prices are not under Dr Miller Clinic control.

** Cost of medications or supplements are not covered. Pharmacies prices vary. Dr Miller Clinic doesn’t sell supplements to avoid any conflict of interest.

Why Dr Miller Clinic?

  • Doctor owned clinic

Quality of standards for health care is a priority, not only business.

  • Reduced costs for patient

due to elimination of “middle man” between doctor and patient

  • Option to follow up with same doctor, if findings

Patients can see same doctor who performed check up or receive comprehensive hand over to their GP. Dr Miller Clinic work after business hours to ensure that busy professionals do not miss work.

  • State of Art equipment

most of which is latest and most advanced in it’s category.

  • After hours for busy professionals

Dr Miller also works after hours to meet lifestyle of our busy professional patients.

For your convenience, you can make appointment before or after work or Saturday.

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